Our Services

Goodwin Machineworks specializes in small quantity and proto type parts as well as services to install, repair, and maintain commercial and industrial manufacturing equipment. We are uniquely tooled to run small to medium sized parts quickly and efficiently. In addition, our on-site grinding capabilities can eliminate costly and time-consuming transfer of parts between the machine shop and grinder, saving our customers both time and money. Please see below for more detail on the equipment and services we offer to meet your machining, grinding, and repair needs.

Conventional/Manual Lathe

We have lathe sizes ranging from 14” x 40”; tool room lathe to 21” x 80”; and gap bed lathes with a 3-1/8 thru bore. The gap bed on our lathes allows us to run parts up to 24” diameter by 4.5” long.

Conventional/Manual Milling

We have several Bridgeport and Bridgeport-type mills capable of running a variety of parts from very small up to 144” long by 20” wide (maximum weight 800#).


We have three vertical rotary grinders (a.k.a. Blanchard grinders) on line with table sizes ranging from 36” to 42” diameter. We are able to hold +/- .005 flat and parallel on sizes up 44” (Up to a 31”x 31” square) diagonal.

Repair & Maintenance

With over 30 years of experience in repair and maintenance of industrial equipment, we have the know-how and tools to handle small to medium size repairs. We are very well versed in older industrial equipment as well as newer equipment. We understand the urgency of a down machine and will work with you to help you resolve critical problems as quickly as possible.

Manufacturing Consulting

Our consulting services can help you develop and implement a routine maintenance schedule designed to keep your equipment running smoothly. We have the ability to help resolve chronic problems on existing equipment as well as assist in the implementation on new systems or equipment installations.